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BEST's Administration and Staff:

BEST has a reputable cadre of staff, which brings a wealth of experience to client groups and projects. Staff is trained in the fields of: Development Economics, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Micro Credit and Micro Enterprise Development. It has, over the past twelve (12) years, developed a professional relationship with a corps of Belizean Consultants which provides additional technical expertise and knowledge to the organization, as required. It currently employs a Staff of ten (10) full-time professionals. The Staff works out of BEST's headquarters in Belmopan City and BEST'S Branch Office in Belize City. Below is a complete listing of the present staff.


Mr. Dennis Jones Managing Director
Mrs. Michelle Lindo-Longsworth Deputy Managing Director
Ms. Aritha Sabal
Accounting Officer
Mrs. Vanessa Grajalez Executive Assistant
Mr. Joe Lisbey Technical Officer
Mrs. Mellie Carillo Credit Officer - Belize City
Ms. Christina Leal Credit Officer - Belmopan
Ms Juliet Neal Procurement Officer
Mrs. Shary Pat Howe Accounts Officer

Mrs. Lucia Vasquez

Accounts Officer - Belize City




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