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Strengthening of Belize’s Multi-Sectoral Response to HIV/AIDS:  The goal of this project is to ensure that all persons living in Belize are actively participating in and benefiting from a sustainable, multi-sectoral program for the prevention, containment and control of HIV and AIDS.  This goal will be achieved through four primary objectives:

  • Reduce the risk of HIV infections;
  • Reduce vulnerability of women and youth;
  • Alleviate the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, families and communities;
  • Strengthen the country’s coordinating mechanism capacities for facilitation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation.

Seven (7) sub-recipients are implementing this project.   BEST is the principal recipient for this project and is responsible for the management of this project. This includes fund management, financial report and project monitoring.  This project is funded by the Global Fund.

Small Farm holders Financing Scheme:  This scheme assists small farm holders in crop diversification, productivity improvement, income enhancement and other agricultural activities.  Loans are made available to support farmer’s agricultural activities.  Technical assistance is provided by the Mission of the Republic of China, which is based in central Belize.  BEST is responsible for the management of the credit scheme and both agencies collaborate in the implementation of this project.   This project is funded by the International Cooperation Development Fund of the Republic of China.

Update of the Conceptual Model and Site Strategy of COMPACT Phase 2 for Belize:  The goal of the Community Management of Protected Areas Conservation Project (COMPACT) is to demonstrate how community based initiatives can significantly increase the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation in and around the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage Site.  This project will update the conceptual model and site strategy for COMPACT.  This project is funded by UNDP-GEF.

Land Management Program Public Awareness Campaign – Orange Walk District:  The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Natural Resources is implementing a Land Management Program on a district by district basis.  BEST was once again contracted to conduct the Public Awareness Campaign for the Orange Walk district.  It had previously done the campaign for the Corozal district.  Project activities include:

  • Liaison with the Department of Lands for the design of the Public awareness campaign;
  • Design of campaign brochures, radio jingles, radio and television advertisements;
  • Facilitation of public community meetings; and
  • Conduct district and village level meetings with prospective land claimants.


Social Survey of the Banana Communities to Establish the Grant Fund for Social Recovery within the EU Banana Support Programme in Belize:  Under a financing agreement between the European Community and the Government of Belize (GOB) concerning the “EU support to the banana industry 2001 SFA”, there is a provision for “Social Recovery issues”.  This necessitate a social survey and mapping of all banana communities within the banana belt in order to provide GOB and the European Commission with the design-guidelines to implement the Social Recovery Grant Fund over the remaining nine year period (2001 – 2009).  The beneficiaries of the survey will be the banana communities in the Stann Creek district. 

The specific objective is to provide GOB and the EC with a comprehensive assessment of the “social recovery needs” of all banana communities, their workers and their families.


Signing ceremony between BEST and the Taiwan Technical Mission (ROC)
From left to right are ROC rep, BEST MD and DMD


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