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Networking with other Organizations:

In recognition of its leadership role in Belize, BEST sits on several steering committees and umbrella organizations. BEST is a member of the Association of National Development Agencies (ANDA), the Women Issues Network of Belize (WIN), and the National Human Development Advisory Committee (NHDAC). It is also a member of the Board of the Social Investment Fund of Belize and a member of the UNDP-GEF National Steering Committee. Most recently, BEST was invited to be a member of the Cayo District Development Committee in association with the Belize Rural Development Project. BEST has built excellent working relationships with most communities throughout the country of Belize.

BEST has twenty one years of experience in community development, providing training and technical assistance to low income Belizeans. It has managed several major projects for both development agencies such as UNDP and the European Union as well as for the Government of Belize.

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