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Fostering The Growth Of Enterprises
An Overview

The project will allow micro-entrepreneurs to generate improved livelihoods and eventually move into the small business category with increased employment. As the income levels of these people grow and as they increase their levels of confidence and skills, it will become more likely that they will be able to sustain the gains that they have made from previous efforts. An important part of this work will be an emphasis on leveraging the work that has been done by BEST under previous projects, especially by encouraging entrepreneurs who are succeeding to expand their businesses. BEST will gradually encourage these successful business people to lead by example in their various communities while providing advice and support to others. Low income individuals and communities will learn to identify employment generating business opportunities, assess those business opportunities using simple system methodologies, enter businesses they have determined that would hold good potential for success, and succeed in the businesses they have entered. BEST will tie this project to previous work in the field and provide continuity for ongoing efforts in creating an entrepreneurial environment in which people can make informed decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of the actions emanating from those decisions. The objective is to provide skills sets that include creativity and innovation, decision-making, communication and action planning according to sound business methods in supporting motivated people to make incremental change for betterment.

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