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Mentoring Program:

The mentoring program is establish to assist micro entrepreneurs and would-be micro-entrepreneurs with ideas that would lead to the establishment of a business for a new business person and expansion in growth for existing businesses. The mentoring program is intended to share ideas and strategy that would lead to the growth and expansion of Belizean businesses. The need of exchanging ideas through the mentoring program and discovery of export markets for Belizean entrepreneurs through the use of technology will be an highlight activity of the mentoring program.

Criteria for Matching Mentors with Entrepreneurs:

To become a member of the Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology (BEST) Mentoring Program, one would need to meet the following criteria:

-Commitment to promoting the ideas of micro-enterprise development and expansion;

-Commitment to promoting the ideas of the mentoring program through active participation;

-Three or more years in your respective area of enterprising and economic development;

-Be a full time business person and be interested in economic growth and promotion;

-Have good relationship with the community and other businesses;

-Be flexible and accommodating;

-Fluency in one and or more of Belizean’s languages.




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