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"Fighting Poverty and creating employment opportunities for Belizeans"

Who We Are!! An Overview of B.E.S.T.

The Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology( B.E.S.T.) was founded in 1985. BEST, managed and operated by Belizeans, helps to create economic benefits for the poor and strengthen the ability of community-based enterprises to sustain their own development. It fulfills this goal by engaging in the provision of credit, engaging in the promotion of enterprise development and application of efficient business management training, sustainable natural resource management, and the participation of women in the social and economic development of Belize.

At B.E.S.T., we believe that when local communities are the driving forces for their own advancement, income level will increase, education will improve and democratic organizations will become more powerful and strong. We believe in enterprises that help communities to fight poverty and create employment opportunities, protect the environment, enhance food security, empower women and children and help strengthen human rights and democratic participation.

Since 1985, BEST has been recognized and known all over Belize as a leader in capacity and institutional building and has provided technical assistance and training to approximately seventy-five (75) client groups ranging from dairy producers to vegetables, fruit and staple crop producers. Assistance has also been provided with the non-agricultural sector ranging from indigenous operated tourist lodges, women’s community banking and community development for refugees. BEST’s successes have been derived from a close working relationship with community-based enterprises and organizations.

Originally assisting farmers and micro-entrepreneurs, BEST’s programs grew to include organic farming and sustainable agriculture, community banking and alternative energy resources. These earlier successes established BEST’s institutional capabilities to operate expanded programs and introduced it into new program areas such as Women’s Program, Micro-Credit, and a specialized Integrated Agriculture System.

Serving the entire country of Belize and being involved in a wide cross spectrum of projects, resulted in BEST having to narrow its focus to ensure maximum results. BEST operations are now divided into two areas, these being Credit Division and a Projects Division.


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